Keeping creative on the go

It's tough to keep up your creative practice when you're traveling, or even just busy with errands and regular life. We have some tips and tricks to make it easier!


Start out right
Just five or ten minutes in the morning can change the course of your whole day. Take a moment to set your intention. What do you hope to achieve with your creative practice during the day, during this trip, or during this busy season? Do you have a specific project you want to make a certain amount of progress on? Or can your goal perhaps be just to do SOMETHING instead of nothing? Just write a few words instead of none, just get some paint on the paper instead of committing to a whole canvas, just allow yourself to play instead of trying to create a masterpiece. Whatever your goal, a few quiet moments can help you clear the cobwebs and set a reasonable intention.



Keep it tiny
Traveling with miniature or travel optimized art supplies and notebooks makes it easy to pack light and keep your practice thriving while you're on the go. We love carrying a small notebook (like one of the smaller Rollbahn spiral notebooks), mini sketchbook, travel-friendly paint palette, and teeny tiny travel paintbrush. Don't forget lightweight, inexpensive pens! You don't want to be mourning the loss of a high-end fountain pen while on the road.


Set limits
Sometimes you just have to face the reality that you won't be able to do everything you want. Setting obstructions and limits is a time-honored tool for pushing creatives out of their comfort zones, and a great way to force yourself to try something new. Instead of bringing your entire art studio, limit yourself to a few colors, a couple favorite tools, or a sketchbook that does everything.


Limits can also apply to size. We've had so much fun painting on the small (less than 4 x 5") pieces of handmade watercolor paper included in this travel-ready watercolor paint set


Grab the bag

A handy bag or pouch that zips securely is a MUST for traveling with precious art supplies. We have our favorites, what's yours?


Bring a friend - or make a new one
There is nothing like getting out your art supplies in a public place to draw in curious, like-minded folks. I laid out a blanket in the shade and started to paint one hot afternoon at a recent family reunion, and before I knew it I had half a dozen cousins of all ages asking questions and ready to join in. What could be more inspiring?